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( Walnut )

Nuts: Always a welcome Gift!!

Gifting a bag full of almonds, cashews or pistachios has been a common practice for years and is now almost customary. Some would say it’s there because of their emotional appeal and association with celebration, luck and happiness while others are of the opinion that nuts make the ideal gift as they’re healthy. What makes nuts truly remarkable are their health benefits. They carry a high concentration of fiber, unsaturated fat, vitamins and minerals. ...
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Go Nuts !! For guilt free Snacking

Snack: a small amount of food eaten in between meals. Why Go Nuts !! as a snack ? The satiation provided by the high fat and protein content in nuts can result in reduced snacking on sweets and other carbohydrates. It’s thought that their appetite-suppressing effects are likely due to the increased production of the hormones peptide YY (PYY) and/or cholecystokinin (CCK), both of which help regulate appetite. In other words, eating nuts as a guilt free ...
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