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Our Story

Why we do what we do..

Go Nuts was started in 2007 by Ashish Agrawal when he realised that there was a growing need for some healthy snacking options, that weren’t fried or loaded with calories and were made with consistent and premium quality ingredients. With this vision, he took forward his father’s legacy and 30 years of experience in the nut industry and created Go Nuts!!

Go Nuts !! works for each one of you who want to consume nuts as a part of your daily diet but are unable to find consistent, fresh and crunchy quality that tastes good too. We do not create run of the mill products but provide options that are healthy, assuring an everlasting impression while titillating your taste buds, yes now you can eat your snack and have it too!!

Our sustainable packaging when placed at arm’s length urges you to indulge in nutritious guilt free snacking aiding you to achieve your health goals with ease.

Snap open a jar of pure deliciousness Now!!

Go Nuts!! Pro-Tip: Gift a jar full of goodness to your dear ones with our exquisite gifting options and see them GO NUTS over these tiny but power packed munchies.

We uphold the highest levels of honesty and transparency in all our internal actions and customer interactions.
Innovation & Excellence
We constantly strive to offer innovative taste profiles combined with excellent packaging and presentation to customers.
We always enjoy our time at work to provide tasteful healthy munching options and bring joy to our customers with of our quality, service.
Munch Right
We make sure all our products offer health benefits to the consumers and adhere to the tag line of munch right.
Commitment & Quality
All our planning and actions are towards delivering a fresh & crunchy experience; We are committed to the customer in all aspects, quality, taste, health and service.


here are some cool Facts which we would like to share !

Seconds, i.e. 3 Go nuts jars are snapped open every minute
Luxury hotels across India trust Go Nuts for their mini bar requirements
Is the relative humidity that we maintain in our facility to keep the nuts fresh and crunchy!

What you MUNCH matters to us !!

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