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If you, like us, are a forward-looking entrepreneur, we are so lucky we ran into you!

Do you want to partner with an innovative, flourishing brand that helps you expand your business? And of course, diversify your product assortment.


Easy, become a retailer, distributor or a stockist of Go Nuts’ lip-smacking, mouth-watering gourmet snacking products.


Go Nuts is a rapidly growing brand in the snack food industry that has been on the map for 15+ years and our foray into the retail space means more opportunities for us to work together!

Our forte is hands down, good, consistent quality.

All our products carry the promise of fresh and crunchy, quality ingredients coupled with contemporary, eye-catching packaging.

And what’s more, we give you 6 delicious reasons to work with us!

Guarantee for Premium Quality

 What’s the number one reason a product does well in retail? Yep, you guessed it right. Excellence in quality comes across not just in taste, but also in service, processing, and packaging. Well, you’ll be delighted to know that our hand-picked nuts and dried fruits tick all the boxes.

Loyal Customers Who Can’t Get Enough

Wondering why we are such a consumer-loved brand? Once you get a taste of Go Nuts’ flavored, salted, smoked or even plain nuts, you can’t go back. Our products bridge the biggest gap in the snacks market - yummy nibbles that are good for your health!

Vetted by the Hospitality Industry

These mini delights can be found in the minibars and lobby stores of the most luxurious hotels in the country. Over 250 hotels in India trust Go Nuts with delivering flavorsome accompaniments to drinks or just some plain healthy munchies to their patrons.

Sustainable and Attractive Packaging with Options

Our eco-friendly packaging consisting of glass jars (125 g, 225 g), makes it a favorite of the forever multi-tasking urban population. Buy ‘em, open ‘em, eat ‘em. No hassle, no transferring required! We have also introduced pouches that have the perfect snacking quantity (40 g, 250 g) for travelers or for working adults and students who are constantly on the go!

Excellent for Corporate Gifting

There is something special about gifting good health. Go Nuts’ spin on the age-old tradition of gifting nuts and dried fruits is our unique flavor combinations  (Sea Salt Caramel Almonds, Thai Sweet Chilly Cashews etc.) and mixes. Corporates time and again select packages from our enticing range of gift boxes to nurture their professional relationships, showing their employees and/or clients that they genuinely care about them. Pretty patterns, joyous colors and meticulous packing make our hampers suitable for gifting on all occasions, turning them into a huge hit amongst national and international companies!

Prices that are Easy on the Pocket

Another attractive and highly desirable feature of all our products, including our gift boxes, is that this unparalleled quality comes at an affordable price.


It’s time we take this discussion forward. Please fill in the form below to mark the start of a long-term, trusted business relationship!

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