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Go Nuts Everyday Essentials

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Go Nuts Everyday Essentials

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1K Go Nuts Everyday Essentials

Looking for consistent, good quality nuts for regular consumption? 1K Go Nuts everyday essentials is a perfect combo which covers your daily nuts requirements with ease. Looking to buy almonds online or buy best quality walnuts or your favourite cashews to add a rich texture to your recipes. This combo has got you covered.

It contains Total 1kg Nuts

  • California Almonds 375g
  • Chilean Walnuts 250g
  • Indian Cashews 375g

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Walnuts 250g:

Chilean walnuts from Go Nuts!! are the best quality walnuts in the world.
Walnuts from Chile are known for their light color and very appetizing taste and aroma, buy the best quality walnuts packed with many health benefits from Go Nuts!!

• An excellent source of vegan Omega 3 fatty acid and protein that help overcome anxiety and stress
• A superfood for your brain, sharpens your memory and reverses the ticking clock of aging
• Snack without making your health slack, Happy Gut = Happy You!

Cashews 375g:

• Packed with protein & good fats, our locally sourced cashews will keep your heart healthy.
• Gut issues? Let’s cashew’s fiber do its magic.
• Zinc to bling your skin and magnesium to keep sugar levels stable.
• Morning, evening, or midday keep cravings away with these delish cashews.

Almonds 375g:

• A rich natural source of vitamin E, almonds will make your skin glow and your hair grow.
• Good fats boost brain power and nourish your nerves.
• Our almonds will keep cravings at bay and healthy snacking your new bae.