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Life’s Always In A Rush. Let’s Slow It Down

by Ashish Agrawal
Life’s Always In A Rush. Let’s Slow It Down

Adult life has its fair share of hustle-bustle. From rushing to work in the morning to being stuck in traffic in the evening, your day just seems to fly by without notice. Amidst all the movement, it can be difficult to find time for yourself.

If you feel too worked up, you might want to try De-stressing through the act of baking. Several studies have indicated that baking has plenty of therapeutic qualities, creating a feeling of calm and comfort.

The Benefits of Baking on Your Mental Health

It’s quite easy to practice mindfulness in the comfort of your own kitchen. The act of kneading can feel like meditation. When you work and focus your attention on shaping the dough, feel it’s texture and smell, all of which contribute to creating a heightened experience.

According to a study in the Journal of Positive Psychology, young adults who engaged in creative activities, such as baking, were found to be more content and happier on those days as compared to the rest.

Apart from being an engaging outlet, baking is also very relaxing and personal. There can be nothing more soothing than creating something from scratch, filling all your senses. If nothing works, just the fragrance of freshly baked bread has a way of bleeding into your mood.

How to Put Therapeutic Baking into Practice

If you have had a tough week, you could exercise your culinary skills on the weekend to let go of the stress that you have accumulated all week.

It is always best to stick to simple and easy dessert recipes, challenging enough to keep you engaged and easy enough to keep no room for mistakes.

So, what do you feel like indulging in today? It is as easy as punching in your preference and you will have a long list of recipes to choose from, thanks to the internet. Sprinkle some love along with nuts for some aesthetics, and enjoy the fruits of your labor when your family devours a home-made healthy dessert.

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