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Art of Eating

by Go Nuts
Art of Eating


Intuitive eating is the new age way of understanding your hunger, your needs and making peace with your way of life. However, this practice has been in play for centuries everywhere in the world. Lets understand what exactly is intuitive eating and how it is similar to traditional eating practices from around the world.


Eating is not just about putting food in your mouth or chewing it. The art of intuitive eating teaches us to understand what suits us the best. It helps us lower our cravings, regulates our hunger and impacts our mood positively. Here are a few ways how intuitive eating is practiced;

  1. Eat when hungry, stop when you are full

  2. Don’t “diet”, eat clean instead

  3. Keep emotions away from food

  4. Make sure your food satisfies you

  5. Respect your body and work towards getting fitter and not slimmer

      What this doesn’t tell you is; 

      1. How to understand your hunger v/s false hunger cues

      2. How to differentiate emotional eating from eating for your health goals?

      3. How does each ingredient absorb and assimilate in the gut

      We have the answer to these questions. There are 2 prominent age old practices that complete the intuitive eating hemisphere. Collectively, we like to call them the Art of Eating. Read on.


      Mitahar indicates that we use all our five sensory organs to eat our meals. We smell the food, we taste it, we look at it, we feel it, we hear it sizzle. It has to be a complete sensory experience. When we eat our food using the five organs, our food gets assimilated better, we can feel what it does after going in the body versus when we are just eating mindlessly. One way to start practicing these is by not using any distraction while eating your meal e.g., eating while watching television, on calls, reading newspapers, even eating hurriedly, which causes the stress to pass on to the food making it tamasic and toxic.


      HARA HACHI BU in Japanese simply translates to “eat till you are 80% full”. Ideally the stomach needs 50% food, 30% water & 20% air for optimum digestion. This means if you eat till 80% full & leave the 20% empty, you allow enough space for optimum mixing of digestive juices. This prevents bloating, leaky gut syndrome, fermentation and gas formation. Secondly, your body takes a few minutes to signal the brain that it is full, and in most cases, by the time your brain tells you to stop - you have overeaten. When you stop eating at 80% capacity, you ensure that it's just the right quantity of food for you. This concept eliminates the need to count & measure what you eat and to modify your portions based on your activity of the day.

      We believe that a combination of Intuitive eating and The Art of eating philosophies gives you the perfect balance to your meals, eating, health, wellness & mood.


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