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by Go Nuts

The hustle-bustle of a busy city life leaves us drained out, not just physically, but mentally, emotionally and nutritionally too. As a woman, most of us play multiple roles – that of a daughter, mother and wife, constantly trying to live up to our social expectations. Never do we realize, how our busy lives, our daily stresses and lack of me-time eats away into our core well-being. Sometimes, it’s too late before we realize a deficiency or a disease has set foot into our bodies. And many-a-time, it’s too late to reverse it. Here are some basic hacks for all you working women to keep sane, to keep healthy and to be stress free! 


Your gut is the key to your well-being. Not only does it ensure optimum use of the food that you eat, but it also helps your body flush out toxins and maintain a healthy body. Most lifestyle diseases like PCOD, hypothyroidism, diabetes, high blood pressure, heart problems, acidity, constipation etc. originate out of an unhealthy gut. Regular cleansing and nourishment helps keep your gut active and disease free.


  1. Start your day with some healthy essential oils like soaked almonds or ghee.

  2. Chew on a few mint leaves before your meals to keep your acidity in check.

  3. Start your day with a glass of fresh vegetable juice or a fresh fruit 

PS- I don’t recommend regular use of ready-to-drink probiotic beverages as they are loaded with sugar. 


Processed food is great to save time, but it comes with its share of health risks. Not only are they loaded with heavy amounts of sugar or salt, they contain preservatives and additives that eat away your body’s natural health. Processing also washes away a lot of natural nutrition from the food, making it barely a tongue-tickling experience. Making smart switches into you daily routine will go a long way in keeping you fit.


  1. A handful of nuts (4 O' Clock nut munch) is healthier than a packet of chips

  2. Ditch the biscuit, eat idli / poha/ paratha instead

  3. Replace ketchup with coriander-mint chutney

  4. Eat a wrap instead of a sandwich

  5. Drink coconut water/ sugarcane juice/ buttermilk instead of packaged juices

  6. Eat Maple granola instead of commercial sugary cereals/ corn flakes 


Hydrate to circulate, hydrate to cleanse, hydrate to rejuvenate. Yes! Hydration keeps the body’s delicate water balance intact and is the key to a healthy metabolism. Hydration is not just loading up on water, it’s about loading up on electrolytes. Maintaining a healthy electrolyte balance keeps the body’s circulation going and prevents bloating or water retention.


  1. Drink infused waters, i.e water infused with fruit, mint, lemon, basil, cumin etc.

  2. Eat fruits and vegetables like watermelon, grapes, bottle gourd, cucumber

  3. Sip on fresh lemonade, vegetable juices, coconut water, sugarcane juice instead of colas or sugary beverages

  4. Keep a bottle of water handy to remind you to drink water 


Keep it moving, keep it healthy! Being lazy is the new smoking. With the increasing hours at the desk or in the car, a few minutes of activity every hour does our body some good. Activity is important to keep the lungs healthy, heart pumping and our joints lubricated.


  1. Get up, stretch your legs and take a small walk around your office every hour

  2. Take the staircase wherever possible

  3. Start your day with a few minutes of deep breathing exercises followed by some stretches

  4. Join in household chores like folding clothes, putting away stuff and mopping

  5. Holiday outdoors than indoors. Go for a trek, take a scuba dive class or simply go to the beach and take sunset walks.

  6. Make sure you eat a handful of nuts mix before exercising to prevent muscle loss 


A happy you, is a productive you! Happy hormones make you love your work, make you less cranky and give rise to lesser unhealthy food cravings. These packets of chemicals are also the ones that help you lose weight and keep it off!


  1. A few minutes of deep breathing exercises on waking up & at bedtime calms your nerves

  2. Yoghurt, walnuts, mixed seeds and fish have the right nutrition to keep your brain active and cope up with stress better

  3. Stay away from sugar and colas – they make you feel good only for a few hours but give rise to a lot more cravings later in the day. 


No matter what you do, how much you do; there is always going to be a what if?? Its time you get a reality check, learn to let go of things that seems too far stretched and most importantly, that may be unnecessary. Letting go of some imperfections, making truce with unfinished chores and most importantly, prioritizing your time for the things that matter to you the most is what can give you the ultimate work-life balance.

In the rush-rush of our busy lives, we forget that all the rush is for our own future benefit. But what good would it do if your body doesn’t support your goal?? It’s time to change this trend and make a small patch of time every day for ourselves. After all, you deserve that special TLC after all the hard work you put in.

Written by Nutritionist Dhvani Shah for Go Nuts!!