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Indian Festive Delights: Buying Gourmet Nut Gifts Online

    Looking for the perfect festive season gifts? Here’s why you should count on gourmet nut gifts, seed mixes and dry fruits to pack a punch, and promise both health & happiness.  When it comes to celebrations of all kinds, India definitely takes the cake. Family gatherings & friendly get-togethers leading to echoing laughter throughout the house defines the essence of festivities in a nation as diverse as ours. An explosion of colours, flavour...
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7 Ways to take the pressure off Valentine’s Day


Hello beautiful people! We want to start by assuring you that this is not another reminder of the upcoming Valentine’s day. We know you don’t need that. But (yes, there’s always a but) we do know what you need. Since this is a space where we reinvent holidays and festivals and put our stamp on them, we have something planned for you for Valentine’s day as well.

Let’s begin because we can’t wait for you to Go Nuts with our crazy ideas!

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“I love your rakhi hampers!”, a friend exclaimed while we were sitting in a coffee shop and catching up with each other after a long time. Another friend chimed in, “what does rakhi even mean now a days?”. Suddenly, everyone at the table started thinking about what she said. She playfully added, “I take care of my brother” and we burst out laughing. The friend who liked our rakhi hampers doesn’t have a brother, she wanted to gift the hamper to her sist...
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