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Are you ready to make your upcoming celebrations truly nutty and memorable? At Go Nuts, we've got the perfect treat for your small budget gifting needs – our Flavoursome Nuts Box! 
Whether you're looking for giveaways for festivities like Ganesh Chaturthi, Paryushan, Durga Pooja or want to add a touch of excellence to you mehendi celebrations, this versatile packaging is just what you need.  This cute packaging is also a great option for returns for a birthday/anniversary celebration, or games night favours for family & friends. Our specially curated Nuts Box is designed to add that extra touch of flavor and festivity to any occasion. 
P.S. Keep them handy, if you’re a gifting addict ;)

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I Am Nuts About You Gift-Box

Celebrate the month of love with the special bonds that make you go nuts. We have found just the perfect way for you to surprise them, a gift that is sure to make them swoon. "I Am Nuts About You Box" featuring our 4 popular favourites Trail Mix, Sea Salt Caramel Almonds, 4 O’ Clock Nut Munch, and Thai Sweet Chili Cashews.

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Savouring Grace Nut Box: Where Elegance Meets Flavourful Bestsellers 
Amidst the tapestry of festivity, there's a symphony of grace and flavour that deserves to be savoured. Our ""Savoring Grace Nut Box"" featuring Fusion Trail Mix, Edamame Trail Mix and 4 O Clock Nut Munch, makes for a delightful gift where elegance and bestsellers unite to create a memorable experience. A perfect gift for your loved or yourself, this season of celebrations.

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The Legacy Nuts Gift Box: A Taste of Timeless Elegance

In the tapestry of life's celebrations, there are certain moments that stand out as timeless and enduring. Our ""Legacy Nuts Gift Box"" featuring 3 classic favourites – Raisins, Salted Cashews and Salted Almonds encapsulates this essence, offering a taste of timeless elegance that speaks to the heart of celebration. A true classic festival gift indeed.

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What you will love about us?

Gonuts provides munchies for those determined souls who are health & fitness conscious but refuse to compromise on taste.

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