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Nuts about me box

Hey you! We are nuts about you & this is a box for you It's time to Go Nuts for yourself too! Our Nuts About Me Box is thoughtfully curated and full of things ready to pamper you, make you forget all your worries and celebrate life for as nutty as it is. We hope this box adds more to the happiness in your life and in the life of the ones dear to you. Sometimes a little reminder is all you need to love yourself before anyone else. We wish you a crunchy, fresh and a lovely Happy Moment!
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Salted Roasted Pistachios - pack of 7 Pouches

Hailing from the Iranian land of flavor, our premium pistachios are lightly sprinkled with salt to swoon your tastebuds. Roasted to perfection, the creamy green gems have a delectable toasty flavor. Much on the crunchy yumminess to sharpen eyesight with the power of antioxidants. Go Nuts !! pistachios make for a healthy snack that doesn't shoot up your blood sugar levels being low on the glycemic index. It also boosts your body's ability to fight off infections. It truly is a star in a nutshell!
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What you will love about us?

Gonuts provides munchies for those determined souls who are health & fitness conscious but refuse to compromise on taste.

Sustainable Packaging
Can always be kept at arms length for munching ease.
Premium Quality Guarantee
Always Fresh & Crunchy