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Bestsellers Combo

A combo of our bestselling gourmet nuts packaged in attractive glass jars. If this does not entice you.. Let us sweeten the offer just for you! Order Now and thank us later.

This delish combo consists of –
Sea Salt Caramel Almonds (125g)

Oregano Cashews (125g)
Trail Mix (100g)
Rs. 905.00
Rs. 799.00
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Bhaiya Bhabhi Rakhi Hamper

With timeless faith and surpassing joy, the Raksha Bandhan festival is going to be even more memorable this time. After all, Rakhi hampers for Brother and Bhabhi by Go Nuts are thoughtfully curated to express your love for them. The Bhaiya Bhabhi Rakhi hamper contains a gorgeous Rakhi for Bhaiya and Lumba Rakhi for Bhabhi, paired with the bestsellers of Go Nuts to make the celebration even more fantastic.
Rs. 1,100.00
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A common misconception, cashews do not make you fat! In fact, their healthy goodness can be reaped by eating a few everyday. Cashew nuts are a boon, loaded with vitamins and minerals, including zinc that supports healthy blood circulation and immune system function. 

The high copper content helps prevent blood diseases too. A great source of dietary fibers, this nut is tiny but mighty!

Nutrition Kcal
Energy629.4 kcal
Fat49.6 gram
Cholesterol0 mg
Carbohydrate27.3 gram
Saturated fat10.5 gram
Sodium49.5 mg
Protein18.6 gram
Calcium41.4 mg
Rs. 450.00
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Cashews - 375g

Packed with protein & good fats, our locally sourced cashews will keep your heart healthy and heal your muscles in a jiffy. Gut issues? Let’s cashew’s fiber do its magic. Zinc to bling your skin and magnesium to keep sugar levels stable. Morning, evening, or midday keep cravings away with these delish cashews.
Rs. 595.00
Rs. 446.00
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Diwali Gift Hamper

Savory treats for the auspicious festival of Diwali! 

Whether you're searching for the perfect Diwali gift hamper, sending a corporate gift, or simply looking for a low-carb snack to munch on, this Diwali Gift Hamper online from Go Nuts is your go-to gifting solution! Our nuts hamper is filled to the brim with goodies galore, satisfying your sweet tooth and salty cravings all in one.

Perfect snacks to quench those little hunger pangs in reusable pretty jars. 

Rs. 1,425.00
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Flavoured Nuts & Trail mix Gift Box

A token of health and love for you and your loved ones!
The scarlet box symbolizes love while the quirky white polka dots remind us of the purity and joy of gifting our dear ones. Inside this beautiful white and red box, you’ll find 3 tall jars - one each of Caramel Almonds, Thai Sweet Chilly Cashews, and Trail Mix. Thoughtfully curated out of love and affection, the Flavoured Nuts & Trail mix Gift Box contains 3 of our most special products!

Rs. 1,450.00
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Go Nuts 4 O' Clock Nut Munch Combo Pack 750g

This offer consists of 3 pouches 4 O' Clock Nut Munch 250g each.  A delicious & balanced mix of almonds, cashews, pistachios, black raisins, & dried cranberries to give you all the vital nutrients. Kick away afternoon slump and cravings with the sweet & sour crunch of our Nut Munch. The good fats invigorate you with a fresh wave of energy and pair wonderfully with your evening cuppa.
Rs. 1,350.00
Rs. 1,200.00
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Go Nuts Cashews Combo Pack 750g

This offer consists of 2 pouches of cashews 375g each.  Packed with protein & good fats, our locally sourced cashews will keep your heart healthy and heal your muscles in a jiffy. Gut issues? Let’s cashew’s fiber do its magic. Zinc to bling your skin and magnesium to keep sugar levels stable. Morning, evening, or midday keep cravings away with these delish cashews.
Rs. 1,190.00
Rs. 833.00
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Go Nuts Everyday Essentials

1K Go Nuts Everyday Essentials

Looking for consistent, good quality nuts for regular consumption? 1K Go Nuts everyday essentials is a perfect combo which covers your daily nuts requirements with ease. Looking to buy almonds online or buy best quality walnuts or your favourite cashews to add a rich texture to your recipes. This combo has got you covered.

It contains Total 1kg Nuts

  • California Almonds 375g
  • Chilean Walnuts 250g
  • Indian Cashews 375g
Rs. 1,940.00
Rs. 1,358.00
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Go Nuts!! Festive Special

Crackle and crunch with your loved ones this festive season!

Welcome the golden season of celebration with the warm orange box of healthy happiness adorned with glee-inducing daisies. And, within this beautiful box lies 3 little glass jars of precious deliciousness. Curated thoughtfully, this selection includes our top three bestsellers that pack a “crunch”! 

Rs. 1,650.00
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Jalapeno Cashews

A hot snack that packs a punch. A Mexican spin on the classic cashew nut, Go Nuts’ jalapeño cashews are finger-licking good! Don’t take our word for it, savor some with your favorite drink and a bunch of people who will eventually blame you for hoarding the snack. Stay assured of premium ingredients when you buy jalapeno cashew nuts from us.

There’s no need to worry as cashews are full of proteins, vitamins and minerals that boost your immune system and are great for keeping your body healthy. Here is how you can convince yourself about the health factor in our jalapeno cashews.

Nutrition Kcal
Energy 648 kcal
Fat 42.2 gram
Cholesterol 0 mg
Carbohydrate 54.20 gram
Dietary fiber 4.03 gram
Sugars 32.22 gram
Protein 13.06 gram
from Rs. 360.00
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Salted Cashews

Go Nuts’ roasted and salted cashews are an easy-peasy source of copper and zinc. Zinc, an essential mineral, aids in keeping the immune system healthy and fighting off infections caused by bacteria and viruses. Zinc is a nutrient needed by the body to make proteins and the genetic material in all cells, which we commonly know as DNA.

These bite sized beauties also contain selenium, magnesium, iron and phosphorous! We kid you not, this luscious snack is giving you the best of the best Grab a pack of salted cashew to give a tasty and healthy experience to your family and friends.

Take a step towards a healthy lifestyle by purchasing salted cashews online. The perk of ordering with us is that you stay confident about paying for premium quality.

Here is what you should know about oursalted cashew.

Nutrition Kcal
Energy 524 kcal
Fat 40.0 gram
Cholesterol 0 mg
Carbohydrate 21.0 gram
Dietary fiber 1.8 gram
Sugars 0 mg
Protein 20.0 gram
from Rs. 340.00
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What you will love about us?

Gonuts provides munchies for those determined souls who are health & fitness conscious but refuse to compromise on taste.

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