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( Weightloss )

The Connection Between Cashews and Weight Loss. Let’s Burst the Myth!

Cashew nuts, a popular variant of dry fruits, is often used as an ingredient for recipes of curries, dips, desserts and even many delicious snacks. With an abundance of Omega-3 alpha-linolenic acid (ALA), monounsaturated oleic acid, and several essential vitamins and minerals, cashews are known to be incredibly nutritious. Despite its nutritional value, cashews have often been misjudged for inducing weight gain because of its calorie content. Do Cashews...
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Happy Mornings With This Delish Breakfast Recipe : Almond Oat Porridge

Almond Oat Porridge is a recipe that celebrates almonds to their fullest glory giving you a headstart to the beautiful day ahead! Ingredients  1/4th Cup Oats, soaked overnight (75 calories) 3 dates, soaked overnight (60 calories) 5 Almonds, soaked overnight and chopped (35 calories) 1 cup whole milk (143 calories) 1 medium apple, sliced (95 calories) 1 tsp ground cinnamon (6 calories) Preparation Heat up the milk in a deep pan over medium heat. Add t...
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