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The Connection Between Cashews and Weight Loss. Let’s Burst the Myth!

by Ashish Agrawal
The Connection Between Cashews and Weight Loss. Let’s Burst the Myth!

Cashew nuts, a popular variant of dry fruits, is often used as an ingredient for recipes of curries, dips, desserts and even many delicious snacks. With an abundance of Omega-3 alpha-linolenic acid (ALA), monounsaturated oleic acid, and several essential vitamins and minerals, cashews are known to be incredibly nutritious.

Despite its nutritional value, cashews have often been misjudged for inducing weight gain because of its calorie content.

Do Cashews cause weight gain? Myth or Fact!

Nutritionists suggest that cashews do not result in weight gain if consumed in moderation. The calorie content in cashews is similar to other nuts such as Almonds and Pistachios and should never be excluded from your diet completely.

When mixed with other nuts, such as raisins, walnuts, and almonds, cashews will work wonderfully for your nutritional needs. You must be wondering, are cashews good for weight loss?

5 Reasons why you should consume Cashews

Almonds and pistachios are generally perceived to be healthier among the nuts, a big reason being their respective grower boards in the United States have done extensive promotions for their homegrown nuts. Cashews being from the similar nut family are equally nutrient rich. Infact, Cashews should be included in your diet as they are rich sources of –

• Protein, which helps in maintaining high energy levels throughout the day.
• Vitamin B6, vitamin B1, and vitamin C helps to boost immunity.
• Health-promoting minerals, such as potassium, zinc, magnesium, iron, and copper. The zinc in cashews makes it a superfood in times of Covid.
• Tryptophan, an essential amino acid necessary for producing serotonin in the body; the reason behind your good mood.
• Antioxidants that help in maintaining good heart health.

Most nuts that contain fats are assumed to be weight inducing. However, your body needs healthy fats because they lower cholesterol levels to keep your heart healthy.

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