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Jain Nuts Combo - Sea salt caramel almonds & Oregano Cashews

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Jain Nuts Combo - Sea salt caramel almonds & Oregano Cashews

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These crunchy munchies are sweet and savoury treats made of caramelized whole almonds sprinkled with sesame seeds and a dash of sea salt. Low in saturated fat and a good source of fiber, our each caramel almond is packed with antioxidants that support your immune function.

An appetizing snack that also keeps your heart healthy? Sounds divine, doesn’t it? So, hit the buy sea salt caramel almonds button right now to avail of exclusive offers.

Nutrition Kcal
Energy 588 kcal
Fat 48.36 gram
Cholesterol 0 mg
Carbohydrate 20.30 gram
Dietary fiber 5.29 gram
Sugars 9.06 gram
Protein 17.90 gram

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Additional Details

  • Our premium, gourmet nuts are handpicked to ensure that you get the best Sea Sea Salt Caramel Almonds & Oregano Cashews from the first to the last bite.

  • Our snacks, apart from topping your list as your go to munchies at home, will quickly find their place in your work desk or bag.

  • Go Vocal for Local : Proudly Manufactured in India


  • Sea Salt Caramel Almonds : Almonds, Sugar, Sesame Seeds, Caramel Powder, Synthetic Food Colours (E102, E110, E122) CONTAINS PERMITTED SYNTHETIC FOOD COLORS AND ADDED FLAVOURS (CARAMEL)

  • Oregano Cashews : Cashews, Malto Dextrine, Salt, Oregano, Hydrolyzed Vegetable Protein, Yeast Extract, Taste Enhancer [E 627], Anti Caking Agent [E 551]. CONTAINS Natural Flavour Oregano


  • Nuts (Processed in a facility that processes other tree nuts. May contain traces of peanuts and other tree nuts).



  • We have your best interest at heart but the information contained in this website about all products including Sea salt caramel almonds & Oregano Cashews is for general information purposes only. The health information stated above is sourced from various print and web sources. Consumer discretion is advised.



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