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Health Mixes

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Edamame Trail Mix

A feisty munch that is bound to get you compliments from your palate and your friends. A mix of sriracha spiced edamame, pumpkin seeds and dried cranberries, Go Nuts with this munch as it’s loaded with calcium and protein!

Spicy, tangy and a little sweet, this snack was carefully curated for all you fitness conscious people!

Nutrition Kcal
Energy 395 kcal
Fat 12.71 gram
Cholesterol 0 mg
Carbohydrate 46.34 gram
Dietary fiber 14.45 gram
Sugars 20.6 gram
Protein 25.75 gram
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Hello gym nuts! We have a confession to make. We envy your perfect gym bodies. You put so much effort into your sessions, please snack healthy (if at all you do). Our health mixes are created with flavours that are minimal yet brilliant! Berries full of antioxidants, nuts that are roasted to enhance the taste, seeds that pack a punch. Made with several combinations, these mixes are available in sweet, savoury, sweet + savoury (that one’s a favourite) varieties that are perfect to have anytime of the day.

As a pre / post workout snack or as a no workout snack, these delish mixes will never fail you. Munching on healthy mixed nuts, seeds and berries is a great way of saying thank you to the body that does so much for you! It’s time to stop compromising on taste for health. Yeah, we said it.

  • Maintain a healthy weight: Did you know that research shows that those who eat nuts and seeds everyday find it much easier to maintain a healthy weight as compared to those who don’t.

  • Helps you with your diet: Often when you are eating only salads and low-fat food, it becomes difficult to control your hunger in between meals. Munching on these healthy treats will help you with your calorie deficit diet, as the presence of healthy fats and fiber makes you feel fuller.

  • Made with love, in India: Packaged with utmost care so that you get the best taste and quality in every bite. Don’t take our word for it, order one now and tell us how it goes!


Anyone looking for a healthy, guilt free snack can munch on our toothsome health mixes. They can also be added to salads, smoothies and breakfast bowls for a power packed start to the day!

Though we have specials like 4 o clock nut munch and night munch, all our health mixes can be eaten any time of the day by all age groups.

All our products are available on our website and will be delivered to your doorstep. Go Nuts ensures that your healthy mixed nuts online shopping is super smooth and hassle free.

Munch on the yummiest mixed nuts, berries and seeds, carefully picked by us to ensure that you get wholesome goodness, delectable flavour and a healthy, happy tummy.

Munch To get the most out of these healthy snacks, chew them slowly while enjoying the flavour.

What you will love about us?

Gonuts provides munchies for those determined souls who are health & fitness conscious but refuse to compromise on taste.

Sustainable Packaging
Can always be kept at arms length for munching ease.
Premium Quality Guarantee
Always Fresh & Crunchy