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Sea Salt Caramel Almonds

These crunchy munchies are a sweet and savoury treat made of caramelized whole almonds sprinkled with sesame seeds and a dash of sea salt. Low in saturated fat and a good source of fiber, almonds are packed with antioxidants that support your immune function.

An appetizing snack that also keeps your heart healthy? Sounds divine, doesn’t it?

Nutrition Kcal
Energy 588 kcal
Fat 48.36 gram
Cholesterol 0 mg
Carbohydrate 20.30 gram
Dietary fiber 5.29 gram
Sugars 9.06 gram
Protein 17.90 gram
from Rs. 295.00
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Caramel Almonds

Go Nuts’ caramel almonds are so flavorsome that you’d never want them to finish. These bite sized munchies are made of sweetened whole almonds lightly sprinkled with sesame seeds, to enhance their flavor. 

A classic snack loved by all, almonds are a good source of protein and packed with many minerals that keep your body healthy and your palate happy!

Energy588 kcal
Fat48.36 gram
Cholesterol0 mg
Carbohydrate20.30 gram
Dietary fiber5.29 gram
Sugars9.06 gram
Protein17.90 gram
from Rs. 295.00
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Smoked Almonds

Our lightly flavored smoked almonds will make your taste buds dance. A great source of nutrients, almonds don’t just keep your heart healthy, they promote weight loss as well! Could it get any better?

Go Nuts’ smoky flavor is reminiscent of wood fired roasting which makes this snack absolutely faultless.

Nutrition Kcal
Energy 645 kcal
Fat 54.0 gram
Cholesterol 0 mg
Carbohydrate 20.30 gram
Dietary fiber 5.29 gram
Sugars 0 mg
Protein 20.64 gram
from Rs. 295.00
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Salted Almonds

Are plain almonds too boring for you? Get your fix of “5 almonds a day” without compromising on quality and taste. We use only the best, California origin almonds, roasted flawlessly, to bring out their flavor and seasoned lightly with salt. This gratifying, classic snack is packed with essential minerals, protein and fiber! Overflowing with nutrients such as calcium, magnesium, manganese, copper, vitamin K and zinc, almonds keep your heart healthy and your bones strong.

An anytime munch, put some in your desk drawer or in your laptop bag for an instant energy boost. Really, how can anything be so perfect?

Nutrition Kcal
Energy 627 kcal
Fat 56.0 gram
Cholesterol 0 mg
Carbohydrate 12.8 gram
Dietary fiber 2.0 gram
Sugars 0 mg
Protein 18.0 gram
from Rs. 295.00
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Our toothsome California almonds are sourced from yes, you guessed it right, California, USA! A perfect ten, almonds are considered one of the most nutritive and healthiest nuts due to the presence of healthy fats, fiber, Vitamin E, manganese, and magnesium. When consumed regularly, they are believed to increase brain capacity and longevity. Being low in carbohydrates and high in protein, they also lower overall cholesterol levels and help with weight management.

This versatile nut, is not just a hearty snack, it is also great in soups and salads and as an add-on to desserts and drinks.

Nutrition Kcal
Energy 615.1 kcal
Fat 49.7 gram
Saturated Fat 3.2 gram
Carbohydrate 18 gram
Cholesterol 0 mg
Sodium 25.4 mg
Calcium 219.8 mg
Protein 23.9 gram
Rs. 350.00
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Almonds - 375g

A rich natural source of vitamin E, our almonds will make your skin glow and your hair grow. Good fats boost brain power and nourish your nerves. And, a rich source of fiber to keep your gut happy. Our almonds will keep cravings at bay and healthy snacking your new bae.
Rs. 480.00
Rs. 360.00
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Salted Almonds - Pack of 7 Pouches

A rich natural source of vitamin E, our almonds will make your skin glow and your hair grow. Good fats boost brain power and nourish your nerves. And, a rich source of fiber to keep your gut happy. Our almonds will keep cravings at bay and healthy snacking your new bae.
Rs. 609.00
Rs. 439.00
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Mamra Almonds - 250gms

Go Nuts’ handpicked Mamra almonds, sourced from Iran, contain 30% oil, which is the highest among all varieties of almonds. Mamra almonds are considered the best as they are grown with utmost care using traditional methods only in selected regions of the world. 

High in vitamin E they are good for your skin, hair and are loaded with antioxidants that support your immune function! Ideally consumed by soaking the nuts overnight.

Nutrition Kcal
Energy 624.5 kcal
Fat 49.0 gram
Saturated Fat 4.1 gram
Carbohydrate 18 gram
Cholesterol 0 mg
Sodium 0 mg
Carbohydrate 28.5 gram
Vitamin A 11.8 gram
Sugar 0 mg
Protein 20.0 gram
Rs. 1,250.00
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What you will love about us?

Gonuts provides munchies for those determined souls who are health & fitness conscious but refuse to compromise on taste.

Sustainable Packaging
Can always be kept at arms length for munching ease.
Premium Quality Guarantee
Always Fresh & Crunchy

The Secret of Our Awe”yummm” Almonds (Hush! It’s just between you and us.)

  • We maintain the moisture level below RH50 in our packaging area. Thanks to the blessing of modern technology! Now you can enjoy the crunchiest almonds for a very long time.
  • We also fuse the traditional wisdom of roasting almonds to bring nut moisture levels below 1.5%. Thus, elevating the crunchy quotient and intensifying the roasted flavor.
  • Our almond treats are made with love in small batches. There’s no room for overstocking or stale nuts at Go Nuts.
  • We take extra care to pack our products in highly monitored, hygienic environments.
  • We have incorporated “nitrogen flushing” technology for our glass jars. The trapped oxygen in the jars is expelled and replaced with nitrogen. Thus, locking the freshness of our almonds for long shelf life.
  • Our healthy treats are packaged in non-toxic, eco-friendly glass bottles that preserve the freshness of the nuts naturally.

Almonds: In a nutshell!

TSliced, flaked, floured, or in the guise of healthy snacks, almonds are relished for their nutty taste that’s laced with an earthy flavor. From macaroons in France to badaam halwa in India, the entire world is in love with these versatile nuts.
Almonds are not only super-yummy but are also jam-packed with nutrients that are key to nourishing your mind and body. This is what inspired us to bottle this beauty up! Our almond treats are made even more special with different spices, herbs, or sweetness. So, their natural creamy texture and flavor are enhanced further.

The Health Benefits of Almonds

Our guts are a thriving forest of microbes. There are good ones that aid in digestion, maintain the structural integrity and health of intestinal walls, and limit the growth of bad bacteria. What does this micro-biome feed on to stay happy and active? Fiber! Almonds are a good source of dietary fiber which makes them a great probiotic for your gut. So, a few almonds a day will keep the gassies away!

Cholesterol is a waxy glue that sticks your cells together. Bad cholesterol or LDL can stick to your arteries and build up over time to form a blockage. And, that’s very bad news for your heart. Consumption of almonds has shown a significant reduction in bad cholesterol and an increase in the levels of good cholesterol.

Almonds are a storehouse of omega 3 fatty acid, omega 6 fatty acid, and folic acid – two essential nutrients for fetal neural development. Studies have shown that mothers who munch on almonds during the first and second trimester of their pregnancy give birth to children with better motor and cognitive functions. So, you know what to get for the next baby shower invite.

As mentioned earlier, almonds are a rich source of fatty acid and also a great natural source of Vitamin E. While the fatty acids help in retaining the youthful bounce of your skin; Vitamin E aids protect the skin and hair from radical damage. Almonds are also rich in magnesium which aid in hair growth. Rejuvenate your dry skin and hair with the goodness of almonds.

Oftentimes the body stops reacting appropriately to insulin which gives rise to Type II diabetes. Almonds are a storehouse of magnesium which has been shown to improve insulin sensitivity. Thus, allowing your body to use the sugar in your bloodstream efficiently.

NO! Almonds will NOT make you fat. Almonds are a healthy snack that aids in weight loss. They are a rich source of good fats and fiber that keep you satiated for a long time. And, keep cravings at bay! A handful of our almond treats in the evening or the middle of the day will keep you feeling full till your next meal. And, kick drowsiness away.

The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) recommends eating 1.5 ounces per day of most nuts as part of a diet low in saturated fat and cholesterol. Such a dietary approach may reduce the risk of heart disease. 1.5 ounces is 42.5gms. At Go Nuts !!, we have curated special single-serve packs of nuts that tap that perfect 40gms to take care of your nutritional needs and snack cravings.

The Best Time to Almond!

Almonds are fabulous for fighting off muscle fatigue. So, munch on them before or after a grilling session at the gym. Midday blues? A handful of our almond treats will invigorate you with energy and improve your brainpower. What brain fog! Whenever you feel a pang of hunger, resort to your Go Nuts jar of almonds instead of unhealthy snacks. Almonds also provide the building material your body needs to recuperate while you sleep, so night cravings or not, add these nutty wonders to your bedtime routine and let the magic work.

  • Imported from California (USA).
  • The oil content is at about 20%.
  • With an 85% stake in the market and a higher yield, California almonds are priced cheaper.
  • withan85%stakeinthemarketanda higheryield,Californiaalmondsarepriced cheaper.
  • It is best use dtosnackon,plainor flavored,turnedintomilk,flour,nutbutter, andnut-basedrecipes.
  • Imported from Iran
  • It has a higher concentration of oil at about 30%
  • Grown mainly in Iran accounting for just 4% of almonds in the world,Mamraa lmondsarea pricierchoice.
  • It is best eat enraw,soaked,and sprinkled over Royal Indian Delicacies.