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Wonders Walnuts Can Do When Consumed During Pregnancy

by Ashish Agrawal
Wonders Walnuts Can Do When Consumed During Pregnancy

​​It is no surprise that walnuts are loaded with nutrients. But did you know how beneficial they are when consumed during pregnancy? Read below to find out how adding walnuts to your diet can benefit your unborn baby.

Walnuts in pregnancy are popularly used to make delicious recipes, here are some hidden benefits of this brain-shaped nut. After reading the many benefits of walnuts during pregnancy you are sure to recommend walnuts to expecting mothers or consume them during your pregnancy.

Improves Neuro-Cognitive Functioning –

As walnuts contain neuroprotective compounds such as Folate, Omega 3 Fatty Acids, Melatonin, and Vitamin E, they benefit your cognitive functioning, including creativity, concentration and memory, making them highly beneficial for the tender foetus’ brain development. So, wait no more and start consuming walnuts as they’re good for the baby brain.

Controls Cholesterol Levels –

Cholesterol levels naturally increase at certain points during pregnancy to help provide the nutrients needed for a growing fetus. The unique fat make-up of walnuts makes them particularly helpful when it comes to lowering cholesterol which directly affects the heart’s overall functioning.

Maintains Blood Pressure –

Walnuts help in balancing and maintaining blood pressure, which is crucial during pregnancy. Expecting mothers are susceptible to high blood pressure in the third trimester which can be extremely dangerous and lead to miscarriages, premature birth and low birth weight. Consuming just one ounce of walnuts daily can help avoid these problems.

Gut health –

Gut problems are common in pregnant women. Indigestion, flatulence, acid reflux are all part of the childbearing process. Eating walnuts during pregnancy can help combat these problems by giving nourishing gut microbiota and other health-promoting bacteria.

Supports weight control –

Weight gain is common during pregnancy, but no woman wants to put on more weight than is required for the health of her newborn. While it is recommended to consume walnuts during pregnancy, even though they are high in calories, they are easily absorbed and in fact help control appetite. Some studies have even found that after a week of eating walnuts daily, the sweet tooth urges are significantly reduced, thereby promoting healthy eating habits and supporting weight control.

Go Nuts – With Walnuts

After knowing about walnut uses in pregnancy, one’s next immediate action should be to place their order soon. Give your unborn child all the nutrition it needs to grow into a healthy baby. Add walnuts to your Go Nuts cart today to supplement your daily diet and enjoy the many perks of consuming this wonder nut!