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This Diwali, Stock Up on These Five Nutssentials!

by Ashish Agrawal
This Diwali, Stock Up on These Five Nutssentials!

Nuts have been a big part of Diwali traditions, so it’s not surprising to see people munching on nuts during this time of the year. Nuts are often bought, beautifully wrapped, and shared in the form of gifts, while some of us like adding them to our food.

As a healthy source of fiber, healthy fats, and other essential nutrients, nuts are indeed a powerhouse of health benefits. If you want to celebrate Diwali the traditional way, make sure that you have stocked up on these nutssentials.


Rich in protein and other essential nutrients like vitamin E, potassium, iron, and calcium. It  is not just a hearty snack, it is also great in soups, salads and a key ingredient to make our favorite Indian sweets.


With the appearance of a brain, this unique-looking nut slows down ageing, is good for the gut and excellent for your brain health! Add ‘em to your cakes and bakes or to your salads as a healthy, crunchy garnish.


Another incredible nut that blends seamlessly in the Indian kitchen would be cashews. Cashew nuts are a boon, loaded with vitamins and minerals, including zinc, that supports healthy blood circulation and immune system function. A great source of dietary fibers, this nut is tiny but mighty!


Being one of the yummiest nuts available in the market, pistachios tend to be a perfect addition to Indian sweets and desserts. With the goodness of fiber, iron, and calcium, this nut is loaded with nutrition.


Just like most other nuts, hazelnuts have a beneficial effect on heart disease. Hazelnuts help in increasing the Vitamin E levels in the blood along with decreasing the bad cholesterol. These are much loved Diwali nuts as they’re so versatile – they taste great with chocolate, coffee and as the star ingredient in Nutella and pralines.

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