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Nuts You Can Add to Your Diet for Hair Growth

by Ashish Agrawal
Nuts You Can Add to Your Diet for Hair Growth

Hair fall has been a problem among men and women alike. However, the source of this problem has always been a poor and unhealthy diet. Being a treasure trove of essential nutrients, adding nuts to the diet can drastically change your hair texture. The next time you go shopping, don’t forget to add these three nuts for hair growth to your shopping list –

  • Almonds
  • Pistachios
  • Pine Nuts

Have you been worrying about receding hairline, thinning of the plait, or early greying hair? If yes, you aren’t alone.

Many people find themselves surfing through the internet in the hunt for an elixir that will magically rejuvenate their brittle, dull, and thin hair. Luckily, you don’t have to go nuts over it because ‘nuts’ may be the solution you need.

How Does That Work?

It is simpler than you’d imagine. Hair is made up of keratin, which is a protein found in the hair follicles. In order to enable the growth of new hair that replaces the ones that shed, your body needs an allowance of protein that ranges from 0.8 to 1 gram/kg body weight.

Several vitamins and minerals play an essential role in protein metabolism, ultimately helping the body absorb and utilize it for new cell generation. In most cases, lack of adequate vitamins, minerals, and protein in the daily diet, compounded by stress and pollution, ultimately lead to unhealthy hair.

How to Fix It?

The best way to deal with this problem would be to alter your diet. Instead of looking for cosmetic solutions, try to heal your body from within. As nuts are high on several essential nutrients, including them in your diet could do the trick. If you don’t know which ones to add, we have a few suggestions for you. Consider the following options as the best nuts for hair growth.

Almonds –

Not only are they crunchy but also an excellent source of vitamin B7, which is often referred to as the “hair vitamin.” It helps in breaking down protein to form amino acids. By adding a handful of these nuts, you will be able to see a visible difference in your skin and hair health.

Pistachios –

These yummy nuts are an excellent source of natural iron, which is paramount to having lustrous hair. Stored iron also makes oxygen available to your hair that nourishes the cells from within. All these goodies make our pistachios for hair growth your must-buy product in the next grocery shopping spree.

Pine Nuts –

Apart from being absolutely delicious, these nuts contain an abundance of zinc, necessary for cell division of hair follicles. As pine nuts are super easy to cook, you can easily add them to your diet for your daily dose of zinc. They can be used to make great dips and as a salad topping too.

Go Nuts – Nut Remedy for Your Hair!

Hair loss is a big problem, but it doesn’t have to be that way any longer. With a wide selection of almonds and classic pistachios at Go Nuts, give your hair the therapy it needs today!


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