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It’s that time of the year!

by Go Nuts
It’s that time of the year!

If you ask five people what their favourite thing about Diwali is, chances are, you’ll end up with five different answers.

There are just so many reasons to love this special time!

Vibrant outfits, festive vibes, family get togethers, poker parties, meeting childhood friends after years, decorating the house with flowers and diyas, more time with kids, booming business and the best one (drumroll, please) - eating the yummiest treats.

Is it just us, or did you also notice the extra buzz this year?

It seems like everyone wants to make up for the lost time, and at the same time, hold on to their healthy eating habits (applause) acquired from covid days.

If you too belong to camp ‘I want to party in a balanced way’, we have come up with some easy and impactful tips to help you stay in shape while having the time of your life. 

Let’s begin! 

Drink a glass of water just before leaving for a party

A simple tried and tested trick that will help you become a conscious eater.

Many times when you go to a party you get so hungry by the time you reach, you grab the first snack you lay our eyes on, right?

This often results in mindless eating and if you consume fried, greasy food almost every night, you don’t need us to tell you, what’s that going to do to your digestive system.

Water not only helps you feel full, it also boosts your metabolism making it easier for your stomach to digest all those luscious, delectable delights.

We assure you, that a hydrated you will make better food choices at all the future gala events.

Eat a light snack an hour before you leave 

A handful of nuts eaten 1-2 hours before leaving will also help you avoid overindulging in the rich, decadent food all around you.

Nuts and seeds are great pre-party snack options as the protein, fiber and healthy fats present in them can slow alcohol absorption.

Munching on a few almonds and walnuts is specially helpful as they line your stomach and prevent hangovers and upset stomachs the next morning.

Add some berries to the mix and you have the perfect pre-drinking snack!

Berries, specially cranberries being antioxidant rich, help protect your cells against damage caused by alcohol so that you can enjoy each and every one of your parties to the fullest.

Have a good night’s rest

This one is a bit difficult but essential for your holiday glow up.

Not sleeping well and erratic sleep schedules can make your metabolism go haywire and affect your decision making abilities.

Both can be big party poopers, making you feel exhausted by the end of the festive season.

Party hard but know when to hit the sack. A well rested body will ensure that you have both mental and physical strength to relish not just the starting of festivities, but the middle and the end as well.

The gorgeous glow on your face from your beauty sleep won’t hurt either!  

Try the 3 bite rule

If you are a foodie like us and cannot resist the yummylicious spread try a simple trick to make the most out of your meal without piling on the calories.

We are sure you must have wondered why the first bite of a dish, especially, a mouthwatering dessert has a stronger sensation and flavour than the other bites. If you have, then you’ll fall in love with this rule.

The first bite tastes the best. The second is still good, then you take the third and your taste buds are done.

So, if you make the most of the first three bites it will leave you feeling happy and content! 

Don’t get us wrong, please do take more than three bites, but really, really enjoy the first one, that’s all we are saying.

Engage your senses, feel the texture, notice the consistency and soak in the flavour as it dissolves in your mouth. 

You can also use this simple tip when you’re feeling extremely hungry and are trying hard not to binge on your favourite food! 

We hope you are as excited as us to start the festive season with a bang and these suggestions help you stay happy, healthy and wholesome. May this Diwali be the best one yet, go nuts guys!