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Holi Bachonwali: Six DIY Gifts to make with kids this Holi

by Rahul Mittal

Holi, the vibrant festival that marks the arrival of spring, is a time for celebration, joy and togetherness. Holi resonates with water balloons, bright hues of colours and traditional gulal, buckets full of coloured water, homemade delicacies and refreshing drinks to beat the heat. As we prepare to drench ourselves in nostalgia, fun and laughter, why not add an extra touch of thoughtfulness by gifting your loved ones something DIY? To elevate it further, if the creativity is amalgamated with a personal touch, it will be fascinating to see the sparkle in the eyes and smiles of your loved ones. In this blog post, we'll explore six unique and creative DIY Holi Gift Ideas that are sure to put a smile on the faces of your loved ones. 

Holi Origins: Triumph Over Evil 

Holi's origins can be traced back to Hindu mythology, the story behind the origins of this beloved festival is no less riveted than how it’s celebrated. One of the most popular legends is that of King Hiranyakashipu and his son Prahlad. Hiranyakaship, a demon king, wanted to banish his son Prahlad, since he was a devoted follower of Lord Vishnu. Hiranyakashipu was conceited and considered himself above all divine forces. He detested Prahald worshipping Lord Vishnu instead of him. 

Hence, Hiranyakaship obsequiously decided to end Prahlad’s life, and sought the help of his sister, Holika, who had a boon that made her immune to fire. They conspired to burn Prahlad alive. However, due to his abiding devotion, Prahlad emerged unharmed, while Holika perished in the flames. This event is commemorated as Holika Dahan, epitomizing the victory of good over evil. 

Gifts, Celebrations And More 

In India, the connotations of gifts are far deeper than just the materialistic value; they are often visualised as symbols of love and respect, while also carrying traditional and religious meaning.  
Gifting requires thoughtfulness and understanding of the receiver’s needs. Handmade or DIY gifts are the absolute way to show that special someone just how much you adore them. Even with kids, they allow them to demonstrate creative skills and these gifts can be tailored specifically to the individual preferences and style. You don’t have to be a professional crafter either; or spill out huge money, simple DIY projects with supplies found around your home are often more meaningful than anything that is store-bought. Another benefit is, giving DIY gifts teaches your children important life skills like budgeting, problem-solving, and planning ahead.  

Similarly, with so much happening around us, it’s easy to sideline health and fitness goals. These DIY gifts can be paired with our nutrient laden, tasty nuts in the most versatile flavours. They can keep you on track and make the best of gifting options. Check the list of Go Nuts bestsellers today. 

Here are Six Unique DIY Gifting Ideas to create with kids this Holi: 

Rango Wala Nuts Hamper 

We all love being smeared in gulal or doused with colourful water. As parents, one constant worry is ensuring we pick skin friendly colours devoid of any other irritants. The most unembellished way to do this is, make a beautiful Holi hamper with home-made colours that are made from simple as well as authentic ingredients.  Combine simple ingredients available in every household, like cornstarch, gel colouring and water. Mix and allow to dry and you will get a beautiful array of exquisite holi colours. DIY these using different food colourings and pack some of our roasted nuts in small packets and your beautiful gifting hamper is ready to deliver. 

Eco Friendly Holi DIY Kits 

The market has an abundant choice of hampers and gifts that are curated to suit an occasion. But why not gift your eco conscious family members as well as friends a sustainable DIY Holi Kit? We pop in some of our organic or home-made colours and biodegradable water balloons and add in a water gun. Pair these up with custom cards curated with personal messages, polaroid pictures and these are sure to tug the heartstrings of your loved ones as well as promote sustainability. 

Colourful Potted Plants 

Bring the rusticism and earthiness alive by bringing simple pots and transforming them into beautiful little art pieces with an array of exquisite hues. Unleash the artist in you and your children, while painting the pots in different hues, imbibing the spirit of Holi. Plant a sapling in the pot. Along with a personalized gift,  you are also instilling the importance of contribution to nature, in kids. Gift these little pots with our nutritious range of Go Nuts products and elevate your gifting skills this Holi. 

Paint Your T-shirts 

Splash White t-shirts with hues of beautiful colours and paint a rainbow. Use designs, motifs and funky texts to add the fun element. The little ones will love painting their imagination and wear it proudly too. It will add a touch of whimsy to their celebrations and double their joy. 

Dainty DIY Party Souvenirs 

You can encourage your children to be creative and make DIY little paper or cloth packets of different quirky shapes and fill them with nutritious snacks from Go Nuts. Make these little packages with environmentally friendly products and let the little ones decorate it to their heart’s content. Fill them up with cashews, almonds , mixed nuts or our amazing seeds and caramel treats and gift your loved ones. These exquisite little handmade DIY pockets are a great gift and sustainable options for family as well as friends. 

Customised photo Frames 

Nostalgia is an integral essence of every festival. Capture the memories of past Holi celebrations and place them into DIY photo frames, coasters, or calendars featuring your favourite snapshots. The true essence of gifting is in the thoughtfulness and emotion behind every gift.  

This Holi, double your joy by using these DIY Gifting Ideas and make beautiful handmade hampers for your loved ones. 

Holi is a time for colourful revelry and heartfelt connections by blending our traditions with celebrations. From the playful exchange of DIY colours to indulging in delectable sweets, Holi brings with it a sense of cheer and positivity. 

Amid this flamboyant atmosphere, our curated list of unique DIY Holi gift ideas offers a way to extend your warm wishes and spread cheer to your loved ones in a personalised way.  

We, at Go Nuts, encourage a culture that blends nostalgia with creating new memories for generations to come. If time is a constraint and DIY is not possible, you can order your favourite gifting hamper from us and express your love and gratitude to your loved ones today.