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by Go Nuts

It’s that time of the year again. When we are all stuck at home. Hello Omicron. 

After dealing with this ordeal for almost two years, now, most of us have developed our unique coping  strategies to face this situation. Some of us find comfort in seclusion, spend time introspecting and write  heart melting poetry, while some, well, we just patiently wait for the time when we can go to our favourite bars. Till then, we silently pray for them to home deliver our most-loved cocktails.

Worry not friends, if we can’t go to the bars, let’s bring the bars home! Here is a super fun idea for you to  enjoy yourself safely at home. A fun-filled soirée with family (and friends, depending on your situation) is just  what you need to lift your spirits and we have a couple of suggestions to make it very easy for you to plan  and execute it. 


The most important requirement for this revelry is a bunch of double-vaccinated people.

Others include delicious snacks, mouth-watering cocktails, a speaker that is fully charged and some silly  games. Read on, to find our suggestions for all of these. 

Snack Ideas 

By far, the best kind of munchies are the ones that can be eaten without having the need to wipe off your  fingers on a tissue. So, basically, you need oil-free snacks that can be carelessly picked up while being en grossed in an intense conversation about your favourite shark from Shark Tank.

This party mix and this trail mix are hands down the best light snacks you’ll ever eat. As cocktails are already  quite filling, you probably just want to give the guests something to nibble on because you don’t want  them to be so full that they skip dinner!

To shake things up, make some paper cones and fill them up with these mixes and place the cones in tiny  glasses to serve. You can also serve popcorn in these cute treat cones. 

Simple & Tasty Cocktails 

  • Some refreshing cocktails that you can make in a jiffy are 

  • Mojito White rum, fresh mint, sugar, lime and soda

  • Piña Colada White rum, pineapple juice, coconut milk/cream 

  • Cuba Libre Rum, Coca- Cola, lime wedge 

  • Daiquiri Light rum, fresh lime juice, sugar syrup 

  • Tom Collins Gin, freshly squeezed lemon juice, sugar syrup and soda  Royal Tea Gin, brewed Earl Grey, lime juice and sugar 

  • Cape Cod Vodka and cranberry juice 

  • White Russian Vodka, fresh cream and Kahlúa or any other coffee liqueur  Whiskey Highball Whiskey and ginger ale/soda 

  • Shandy Beer and Lemonade 

Hot Toddy (for cold days) Brandy/rum/whiskey, brewed tea, honey and freshly squeezed lemon juice

Keep the ingredients ready so that your guests don’t need to wait for their drinks, you can also use premix es if you prefer that. All the drinks mentioned above are super easy to make and require ingredients that  can be comfortably found in your pantry. You can even make these cocktails with your friends! 

Plan an Activity 

If you need more than cocktails for merry-making then here are some activities you can try.

You can play charades, though old as the hills, you will never tire of the funny acts and all of you will spend  the entire evening laughing. Never have I ever, Jenga and Pictionary are some other great options. Another  fun game could be a trivia quiz. Divide the guests into two teams and download an app on your phone or  just a pick a topic, google and ask!

For those of you who prefer conversations to games, just put on some music and chatter away. Make sure  the music is not too loud, you don’t want your friends to shout to be heard.

Take the stress out of cooking by placing an order for dinner beforehand or turn it into a potluck party  where each guest brings a dish. Transform your weekend, go from drab to fab with these simple tips and  don’t forget to tell us all about it. Please write to us at info@gonuts.in, we’d love to hear from you!


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