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Create Your Own DIY Kite Using Recycled Materials

by Ashish Agrawal
Create Your Own DIY Kite Using Recycled Materials

Were you thinking of making a kite at home? Let’s learn how to make one with recycled materials in less than an hour. 

If you thought that making an aesthetic and functional kite with some of the leftovers at home is no less than a dream, you would be surprised. Today, we will share our secret of making a kite that is guaranteed-to-fly, almost effortlessly in the comfort of your home.

Apart from some tape and a dowel, your little crusade will need some recycled materials to make your brand-new kite in less than an hour. Initially, it may not be very exciting to use newspapers or grocery bags for making the body of your kite, but it surely will stand out when you fly it high among the rest of the expensive designs.

Things You Will Need – 

  • a cotton string
  • a dowel (length – 4′)
  • a grocery bag (depth – 17”)
  • masking tape and glue
  • newspaper 

When you use a 17” square, you will get a 24” diagonal that only requires a single 4′ dowel. Among your tools, you’ll need a pencil, ruler, and scissors.

Follow these Steps – 

  • Remove the bottom of the sack while you cut the paper bag. Spread the bag, giving it a 17” measure. Make sure that you don’t crease the paper.
  • Carefully cut the square out and draw diagonal lines very lightly from opposite corners. The lines should cross at the center point, ensuring triangular quadrants. Near the center, make two dots in opposite quadrants. Place four more dots by the lines in between the center and corners of the kite.

  • Use strips of tape to fasten the dots.
  • Chop the dowel in a way so that it fits from one corner to another. Keep them in place and use an adhesive to cover the corners and the areas in the front of your kite.

  • Make holes through the dots and turn your kite around.
  • Cut 12” and 20” lengths of the bridle string. Use the longer string to tie over the spars and through the holes at the square’s upper portion. Use one end of the smaller string near the spars’ central intersection. Make a loop through the midpoint of the upper string. The string coming from the kite’s center should be run along this loop till the top string appears perpendicular to the kite’s face, and then knot the bridle.

  • Use a 22” string for a tail harness. Tie this cord to the bottom holes going over the spars while making a loop in the center.
  • Use the newspaper to make 7” wide strips for the tail. Stick the strips in the end, and you can add as many as you want.

Now, all you have to do is tie the flying string, and your kite is ready to make an entrance.

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