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Continue The Nut-Giving Tradition This Christmas

by Ashish Agrawal
Continue The Nut-Giving Tradition This Christmas

Nuts have closely been linked with Christmas celebrations, but we may not know the reason behind it. Let’s find out why it is a tradition to gift nuts during Christmas.

You cannot expect a table at Christmas without a big bowl of nuts and nutcrackers. It’s almost Christmas, which means your shopping lists must be ready with your favorite nuts topping that list. However, do you find yourself curious about how this Christmas tradition started? Let’s catch on some details regarding the connection of nuts for Christmas.

The answer will vary depending on who you ask. The Europeans believe that the tradition started because Saint Nicholas used to bring nuts and treats for the feast on December 5th or 6th. Another popular tradition in European countries during Christmas is the scrambling of nuts, which has been carried out for centuries.

In other countries, the most popular story goes, Saint Nicholas, the legend appears at a party carrying a huge sack containing nuts and other tidbits to be scrambled on the floor for children.

The Elizabethan England boys too engaged in this game by jostling each other to pick up nuts thrown down during Christmas celebrations. However, this practice of strewing nuts goes way further than Christmas.

What Ancient History Has to Say?

Apparently, a good nut harvest was closely linked to the birth of more children than usual in the coming year, making nuts a lucky charm for fertility. As a result, nuts were scattered on the ground at weddings and other auspicious holidays too that followed in the year.

Nuts elegantly fit into pagan, Yule, or other secular feasts. They can even have a religious significance in some contexts. Nuts have three parts – kernel, skin, and shell – all of which represent the “Saviour’s Blessed Body”, which in Christianity is supposed to bring good luck.

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