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by Go Nuts

Everyone wants to look their best.  

The reason being real simple.  

When you are your best version, physically, mentally, emotionally, it boosts your confidence, and it’s all  about confidence. Isn’t it?  

If you hit the gym regularly, do yoga, Zumba or any form of exercise, we are sure you must have experienced that moment when you feel so hungry that you are ready to eat any edible thing available on your  way home.  

Please, please don’t make this mistake!  

The right kind of food can repair muscle proteins and replenish your depleted glycogen stores (burned during high-intensity exercise). If you don’t rebuild these glycogen stores, chances are, that you will feel tired,  and dread the next workout session instead of looking forward to it.  

Ahh, now, you know why you never want to go to the gym! 

To make your life (and decision making) easy, we have rounded up a few delicious post-workout snacks and  a handful of easy peasy recipes that are not only nutritious but also help you with muscle building, hence,  letting you get the most from your exercise session.  

Excited, yet? 

Oatmeal, Chocolate Milk & Almonds 

This combination of carbs, protein and healthy fats is the perfect post-workout snack that should be consumed, ideally, within 30 minutes of training.  

Easy to digest, oatmeal is a good source of antioxidants, chocolate milk contains the ideal ratio of carbohydrate to protein (3 or 4 : 1) for muscle recovery, and almonds, full of vitamin E, are a great source of protein  and healthy fats. 

Did you know that chocolate milk contains double the carbohydrate content of plain milk, which is actually  the right amount to help muscles grow stronger after an intense session! Since, chocolate milk is rich in protein and carbs (the building blocks of muscle tissue) it is necessary to consume them after a good session to  regain energy and reduce muscle damage.  

If you are always on the go and are looking for a recipe that could save time, then try overnight oats. 

Just mix oats and milk in 1:1 ratio in a jar and leave it in the fridge for the night (8-12 hours approximately).  After your morning exercise, just stir the oats, add some sliced almonds and voila, your mouth watering,  healthy breakfast is ready. 

Whole grain toast with banana & nuts /dried berries 

A toasted piece of whole grain bread with bananas (sliced or mashed, whatever you prefer) and some  roasted nuts is not only scrumptious but also a great way to restore your body’s fuel after exercising, especially, if you don’t want to consume dairy.  

Dried fruits are hands down one of the top foods for post-workout recovery. Nuts Over Seeds and Berry  Cherry Mix are both excellent toppings for your toast. 

The antioxidants present in dried fruits and berries protect your cells from damage and even reduce muscle  pain! Along with this, dried berries, especially tart cherries (found in Berry Cherry Mix) also contain  flavonoids which reduce muscle inflammation and increase blood flow.  

Nuts such as almonds, cashews and walnuts, provide you with much needed energy and even proteins.  

Health freaks love eating bananas after training because potassium and magnesium present in them helps  with muscle cramps and even prevents them.  

We are telling you, with all these amazing foods, this will soon become your go-to snack for some after  workout body loving!  

Drink up! 

You are probably sick of hearing this but, it needs to be said, yet again - it is extremely important to drink  enough water after your workout.  

Since, you lose sodium and potassium while sweating, drinking unsweetened coconut water or electrolyte  infused water can bring your electrolyte levels up if they are low.  

Hydrating your body will also help you in preparing it for the next session, which is necessary if you want to  be consistent with your routine.  

Some other easy to make vegetarian snacks are cottage cheese with roasted veggies, hummus and pita,  and baked sweet potatoes. You can also mix and match some of these to create your own recipes.  

Remember to have fun. Your workouts, the food you eat, everything contributes to your wellness but it  doesn’t have to be boring!


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