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Bells, Baubles and Bliss: The Christmas list is here!

by Go Nuts
Bells, Baubles and Bliss: The Christmas list is here!

Ho Ho Ho, lovelies! (Don’t judge us, special occasions call for special greetings) How are you guys doing?

Team Go Nuts is too excited and to commemorate our excitement we came up with a random (but very useful) list of some mind-blowing DIY ideas and fun stuff for you! 

The festive season is getting to us and all we can think of right now is what to gift, how to act surprised when we receive “the” gift, which recipe to pick from our never opened Baking folder and how to calm ourselves down before asking the partner/kids/pet to calm down. 

Let’s chit chat later because it’s time to let our hair down! 

•  Some last minute Christmas gifts 

Some relationships are well, to put it delicately, just plain awkward. It’s either a formal relationship or you are not too close to the person. 

If you are stumped for ideas about what to gift someone like that, our best advice is to stick to a luscious gift box with mouthwatering food items (healthier the better). 

If, like us, you live in India, you cannot go wrong with flavoured nuts. Nuts are a just great way to wish someone a healthy Christmas.

Books are another favourite, a classic gift that will definitely be cherished.

Here’s a list of 2022 bestsellers: https://www.npd.com/news/entertainment-top-10/2022/top-10-books/ 

But then, you can always gift them your favourite. :) 

•  If you bake one thing this festive season 

Baking is a synonym of Christmas and if you, like us, want to jump on the bandwagon then there is one thing that we highly recommend. 

A plum cake!

We are huge fans of the traditional version and if you want to make it then here’s a super easy tip for you.

Take a glass jar, scoop some chopped nuts, dried fruits and add rum/brandy/wine or orange juice/ grape juice (non-alcoholic) according to your preference and store it for a couple of days before baking. 

You can use almonds, raisins, cashews, pistachios, black currants, candied orange peel, candied ginger, dried cranberries and cherries and any other dry fruit and nut you like. 

You can soak the nuts anywhere from 3-4 days to a year!

Here’s a recipe with 4.9 rating that you can try: https://www.vegrecipesofindia.com/eggless-fruit-cake-recipe/ 

If you are looking for Christmas activities for kids, this could be one of the fun ones for the entire family! 

•  Wrapping up the year and some presents 

We often hear “forget the past” but sometimes the past gives us valuable lessons and cherishable moments that fuel us for the future. 

Amongst the chatter find some relaxing moments to retrospect. 

Try this activity that will help you relive your good memories and connect with your loved ones. 

Take some coloured paper and make some chits. Now, on each chit write one fond memory from 2022. Think of memories that include people you’ll be spending Christmas with. 

Emotional, funny, crazy don’t leave out anything! 

When you’re all together and there is a nice bonfire & uplifting music, bring out your jar (you can recycle your Go Nuts jar) and let each person read one for an evening filled with funny, nostalgic and precious moments. 

If you are planning a Christmas getaway this jar will feel like home away from home.  

•  Make a Christmas card 

One of us got together with their nephew to create this amazing Christmas card! 

Mugs of hot chocolate, some scraps of coloured paper and a few pieces of saved-for-this-day packaging material later, this is what they came up with.

It was an afternoon well spent. 

•  Create a photo booth 

Almost all of us decorate a Christmas tree and take a few pictures with it. This Christmas go one step further and setup a photo booth. We promise, it’s easier than it sounds! 

This can also be done for your office Christmas party. 

Start with a background, pick the most loved wall. Gather fun props like Santa hats, reindeer ears, moustaches, candy cane glasses, selfie frames etc. 

Everyone can bring what they have at home. 

Then, get creative! Like they say, “it’s your party”. Order food, prepare some cocktails and remember to snack healthy. 

If you try any of these DIY ideas please send us your photos or tag us and we’ll feature you on our page. Send it to us at info@gonuts.in or tag us @gonutsin.


Merry Christmas and a very happy new year to all of you!


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