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by Go Nuts


We know.  

Yes, we guessed it out of nowhere.  

You feel drained most of the time. Then you resort to quick fixes like drinking tea or coffee (or Red Bull, we don’t judge) to get through the day and more importantly, through your most boring tasks. 

Adulting is tough, phew. But, so are you! 

Do you know that, these quick fixes, do help you in that moment, but they are not good long term solutions  to replenish your depleted energy reserves. 

So, what can you do to maintain your energy levels throughout the day? Try some of our easy to adopt tips  to turn into a live wire or Ranveer Singh, whatever you prefer. Let’s go! 


Race against your alarm 

To wake up with a well rested body it is important to get a good night’s sleep. Try to wake up before your  alarm rings. That is the dream, isn’t it? 

What we are saying is that you can fulfill this dream.  

Before bedtime, read a book (the more boring the better, nah just kidding) or write in your journal. You can  even scribble to-dos for the next day in a diary. It will take some of your anxiety away and will also help you  plan the day better. 

Introspect. Talk to the person sitting next to you. Do anything except mindless scrolling on the phone. 

If you don’t get the right amount of sleep, chances are that you wake up feeling irritable and lethargic, and  you don’t want that, right? 


Become pro protein  

You know why eggs are the preferred breakfast of so many people? Protein. Introduce your breakfast to  protein and make sure they become friends.  


When we wake up our blood sugar is high, so if we eat more sugary foods in the morning, there is a sharp  spike in our blood sugar levels which means that it’s bound to crash later. This can make you feel exhausted.  

Enter foods with low glycemic index (GI). Low GI foods are digested slowly and hence cause a slower and  smaller rise in blood sugar levels. GI of proteins and fats is almost zero. 

Yoghurt, nuts and egg are all great options for breakfast. So is whole grain toast with avocado/hummus.  

If you feel there is an energy dip during the day fuel up with some power snacks such as Edamame trail mix or dried  fruits


Don’t spend your energy on making trivial decisions  

What should I eat for breakfast? What should I wear to work? What should I order for lunch? 

Write a list of your favourite breakfasts and other meals. Plan your outfit at night. Or even better, stick to a  capsule wardrobe if you take a lot of time to make these decisions.  

What our point is that the energy you expend in making these decisions could be saved and used else where.  


Get a brain work-out  

Ever heard of Wordle? We bet you have! Can you spare 10 minutes in the morning for a quick brain work  out?  

You can do a crossword or puzzle, or play a brain game, any kind of mental stimulation is good for you. It  will kick-start your brain which means you will feel more energised and be more productive the entire day.  


Form meaningful connections 

Talk to people who get you.  

We have to deal with all kinds of people and not everyone is going to become your best friend. To survive  difficult conversations or even people that drain you, you need time with a handful of those who lift your  spirits up.  

Whether it’s one on ones or a group that brings out the best in you, just hold on to these precious people.  For life.  


Try a relaxing therapy for 10 minutes 

Stress is usually followed by its loyal supporters fatigue and brain fog. Manage stress by prioritising it and  setting aside some time daily to manage it. Stress does not go away on its own.  

Deep breathing, yoga, meditation, mindfulness, listening to music or even just going for a walk to clear your  head, helps immensely.  

Sometimes, when we are in a slump, it’s natural to feel that nothing will help. If you feel stuck, talk to a confidante. Address the problem, don’t let stress ruin or rule your life. 


Eat some magnesium  

A magnesium deficiency can also leave you feeling tired and weak. Nuts such as almonds, cashews, pistachios, peanuts and walnuts are all excellent sources of magnesium!  

Our suggestion - buy nuts online from reliable websites (glass jars are always better) and place them some where near the dining table for easy access.  

Some other great sources of magnesium are whole grains, potatoes and leafy vegetables. 


Get a test done 

If all fails, get a test done. Your exhaustion could be due to an underlying condition like improper thyroid  function or anaemia.  

Lastly, drink water. Yes, you are probably just exhausted reading this everywhere.  So, what are you waiting for? Get up and drink one glass right now!


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