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by Go Nuts

Hello readers!

Yesterday our team was doing some research to compile another informative article for you and we came across some super impressive nut facts.

Facts that made us leave our desks.

It was followed by a long lunch amidst “I bet you didn’t know that!”, “that explains a lot” and “listen to this one”. 

With the same excitement we had amongst ourselves, we are sharing them with you!

These facts are not just fun to know but are bound to help you make your health and life better.

Should we dive in?

1. Pistachios are complete proteins.

Pistachios contain all nine essential amino acids that cannot be produced by our bodies which make them complete proteins.

Since there are very few plant-based sources of complete proteins, munching on a few of these green nuts everyday could be a highly beneficial practice for both vegans and vegetarians.

Additional fact: Edamame beans are another excellent plant-based source.

2. Walnuts can be used for making a super easy pie crust.

Felt like opening that folder of baking recipes today and couldn’t find all the ingredients in your pantry?

Who needs pastry or digestives when you have walnuts! All you need are some ground/finely chopped walnuts, butter and sugar to make a delicious, gluten-free pie crust. Happy baking :)

3. Almonds are good for your gut.

Just when you thought almonds couldn’t do more, comes along another wow almond fact.

Prebiotic properties of these perfect little nuts influence the beneficial bacteria present in our guts, which in simple words means that munching on almonds can help you develop a healthy gut.

4. Cranberries have medicinal properties.

Everyone knows that these yummy berries can flush bacteria out of the urinary tract but did you know that if consumed regularly, they can also prevent urinary tract infections?

Cranberries are rich in antioxidants, vitamin C and can reduce the risk of cardiovascular diseases as well!

5. Cashews are technically seeds.

Botanically known as drupe seeds cashews are considered nuts as they share properties with true nuts.

These kidney shaped yummies have the highest content of zinc and copper amongst all nuts! Zinc and copper are both essential minerals required for important biochemical functions in the body.

Zinc aids in hormone regulation as it helps cells communicate with each other. Copper helps the body make melanin which helps protect your skin from sun’s harmful rays.

6. Black raisins can detoxify your body

Black raisins are high in naturally occurring antioxidants that help in eliminating impurities from the blood and detoxifying the body.

These antioxidants are also adept at reducing high blood pressure by lowering the content of sodium in the body.

7. Pumpkin seeds can help heal your wounds

Rich in manganese and vitamin K, pumpkin seeds can help heal your wounds! And if you munch on a few of these at night, they will even help you sleep well. These tiny delights are a natural source of tryptophan, an amino acid that promotes good sleep.

8. Pistachios can protect your eyes from blue light.

Zeaxanthin and lutein, present in pistachios protect our eyes from blue light damage and also against age related vision loss.

Did you know that pistachios are not only rich in these pigments but actually have the highest levels of them amongst all nuts!

Zeaxanthin and lutein carotenoids are quite effective at protecting your eyes against cataracts as well. 

9. Edamame is good for your skin.

We are sure you have heard of collagen. Collagen is a fibrous protein that is responsible for making your skin look wrinkle-free and youthful.

Edamame beans help preserve your skin’s elasticity by preventing collagen breakdown.

Also, being rich in isoflavones (antioxidants), they reduce the formation of free radicals, thereby minimising the appearance of skin aging.

10. Almonds can be stored for 2 years or more in your fridge.

Natural almonds are shelf-stable and can stay fresh for 2 years or more if refrigerated. Roasted almonds can last up to a year in an airtight container.

Vitamin E present in almonds and their low moisture content is the reason why they are capable of having such long lives.

Hope you enjoyed reading these tidbits of information! Are you aware of any other fun nut/seed/berry facts that you’d like to share with us? Please write to us at info@gonuts.in.