Go Nuts !! A brand of the parent company, Gold Tree Nuts; specializes in processing and packaging high quality dry fruits for quality conscious customers through innovative packaging.

Ashish Agarwal, a budding entrepreneur, is the driving force behind Go Nuts !! He pioneered the brand in 2007 and has since then changed the scenario of the munchies business of Gold Tree Nuts. His strategic intent and innovative approach sets up a perfect marriage with the brand. Today, Go Nuts !! is easily recognized as one of the top brands in the hospitality industry. We have been successful in partnering the hospitality industry to provide enhanced guest experience through an authentic collection of mini bar nuts.

In addition to this, we have also been providing gifting solutions to top corporates for their
esteemed clientele.

Our focus now is to make these ranges of products available to the consumers through all feasible
retail channels.

At Go Nuts !! We believe in using superior quality nuts and flavoring them with valued and natural ingredients/spice mixtures thereby maintaining exquisite taste, essence and quality standards.

Munch Right with Go Nuts!!